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Does v tight gel really rejuvenate your vagina?

“Rejuvenation” is a broad term in nature which defined as transforming into new and fresh through various types of treatment & techniques. Rejuvenation takes place when some condition constantly affects health & leaves up a strong impact on overall health, rejuvenation beneficial for improving functionality & keep it clean or fresh.

Physical interaction & Relationship

Sexual engagement is considered a strong base of every relationship. Emotional Intimacy can lead to a healthy relationship as every sexual engagement involves the physical, emotional & psychological factors which help to build & boost the trust, passion & relationship. Human sexual behavior varies it will differ from one person to another & individual flavor.

Do we Really Need V Tight Gel:

Let’s clear the fact, It is a truth that tightens vagina & vulva can provide a better grip during intercourse will make couples to enhance more passion & sensation between them on the bed. However, every woman always wants to tighten the vagina, but similarly the most women always complaining about loosening vagina at some point. The loosen vagina is gain more concern which causes the unable to enjoy the sex as they could.

According to some research, the vaginal looseness or less elasticity is caused by childbirth & natural aging, these are the main natural condition that affects your overall health in terms of size, shape, capability, and ability & functioning. The other natural condition such as menstrual flow, injuries during delivery, abnormal vaginal discharge & Yeast infection these occurrences also liable to affect the intimate health & functioning.

Vulva Appearance:

Female genitalia appearance or Vagina is a combination of different muscle tubes & skin tissues. Your vagina is muscular organ connects from the vulva to cervix, others supported some major organs such as:
• Clitoris
• Labia Majora
• Urethral opening
• Anus, etc

The vaginal walls are covered by many folds called rugae (fatty skin tissues). The walls and folds of the vagina have many purposes, providing both a barrier and access to the cervix and the outside world. These organs & sub-organs strongly supported by pelvic floor muscles which beneficial for controlling over bowel & bladder.


Enhancing the Appearance of Your Vagina:

Enhancing the vagina is an easy task we just need to show more concern & care towards getting a healthy vagina. The Women who consistently facing vaginal looseness problems and looking for a solution learned that from different sources adopting vagina rejuvenation treatment works effectively on the reverse of the elasticity of the vagina or enhancing the vagina.

The vagina rejuvenation is a two-way procedure which involves surgical & non- surgical ways, according to some health surveys, vagina rejuvenation market rise up to 20 Billion in 2020. The surgical rejuvenation involves the different procedures which involve the vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty reshaping of the labia. Vulvaplasty reshaping of the vulva, etc. This treatment claims that to aims to tighten up the vagina & also claims that it can improve the sensation & muscle tone. This kind of treatment mostly divided into subcategories which means, Reconstructive surgery improves the functionality of body organs, the other hand cosmetic surgery changes the aesthetics of essentially normal anatomy of parts or says transformation into something new & fresh.

It’s a fact that vaginal tissues & muscles can stretch during childbirth. By adopting surgical tightening procudure the vaginal tissue in itself cannot guarantee a heightened sexual response, since desire, arousal, and orgasm. Throughout years we learned that this kind of treatment has a diverse effect on overall health which leads to dysfunctioning & disturb other natural levels (ph balance, pelvic muscles, etc.).

Natural Vagina Rejuvenation:

Natural Vagina rejuvenation is procedure is a procedure that is considered as a cosmetic procedure done to tighten the vagina naturally. The rejuvenating vagina naturally is the trusted & safe way of treatment to reverse the elasticity of the vagina. Adopting natural ways considered as safest because it leads to zero side-effects. Naturally vagina rejuvenation procedure its perfect combination of:

Pelvic stretch exercise: Kegel exercises the most trusted way & specifically designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, read more. hence we are working on sets of different combinations of muscles.

Herbal V Tight gel: Applying 100% natural gel has been proven to effectively tightening vaginal muscles, increase self-esteem, and enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. Safe with oral sex as well without any side-effects on health.

Follow Good Hygiene: Follow good hygiene is an essential task in human life no matter its men or women. Intimate hygiene considered 1/3rd of the overall health cycle of women.


Following are the some must do things & natural ways to keep the vagina healthy in naturally:

• Practice safer intercourse
• Regular check-up with Gynecologist
• Kegel exercise
• Keeping your Vagina clean with warm water
• Avoid your douches, chemically made products, etc.
• Use natural & Herbal v tight gel products
• Pelvic stretch exercise
• Go with cotton
• Add Yogurt in meal

My eves Choice V tight gel is FDA approved gel made with 100% herbal ingredients with zero side effects, after long Ayurveda study, research and experience.