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QWhat is vaginal rejuvenation?

As women go through various phases in her life, childbearing, hormonal changes, mid-life changes, and aging, they can experience changes in their genitalia (vagina). Vaginal rejuvenation is also called feminine rejuvenation is Non-surgical or surgical treatment to tightening the V area and bring back nineteen skin. Natural Feminine rejuvenation also leads to tightening the vagina, stopping incontinence, eliminating vaginal dryness, and prevent dark patches.

QGood vaginal health is important enough to make or break a relationship?

Accroding to world wide survey up to 49% of women interviewed expressed a strong interest in improving their sexual relationship. When asked about the most important area for improvement, 87% of women cited ‘tightening of the vagina’ to increase sexual sensations and pleasures amongst partners.

QWhy My Eves Choice is better?

Eves Choice gel V-Tight gel is made with pure 100% natural ingredients without any presence of chemicals. It is Easy to apply-Hygiene is maintained. My eves choice herbal V-tight gel leads you:

  • Tighten your vagina
  • Increase your partner’s sexual pleasures
  • Its bring wanted skin naturally
  • Tighten inner tissues & vagina

QWhy vaginal health is so important?

The surrounded area of the vagina called vulva sometimes its also gets affected with infections or discharge which leads to dryness and irritation. Vaginal rejuvenation falls into that category with promises of tightening the vagina, stopping incontinence, eliminating vaginal dryness, and keep it fresh and clean.

QWhat are the most common signs of vaginal problems?

Change in colour, vaginal itchness, vaginal bleeding, plain during lovemaking.
A normal vaginal pH tends to be slightly acidic and when this is thrown off and it works as self-cleansing, women start to experience symptoms of infections. These symptoms might include irritation, itchiness and pain, dark patches spots and a heavy discharge.

QIs My eves choice herbal V tightening gel is FDA approved?

My Eve’s Choice Vaginal Tightening Gel (V-Tight gel) is developed in India by using all-natural herbal extracts. After extensive research and development and relative costs, this flagship product was launched internationally in 2006 under the brand name “Eve’s Choice”, and has been scientifically proven, dermatologically tested and FDA approved.

QWhat are the Different ways to prevent vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is most often a normal, regular & irregular occurrence. However, there are certain types of discharge that can indicate an infection. Abnormal discharge may be yellow or green, chunky in consistency, or foul smelling. Vaginal discharge usually begins around the time a girl gets her first period. It can start up to six months before you have your first period. This is when the body is undergoing many hormonal changes.

QDoes V-Tight Gel works?

As the growing age of women may complaining about vagina looseness which causes less sensation during intercourse & incontinence which has an adverse effect on the relationship. The Pregnancy & Natural aging considered as main reasons behind the vagina loses its elasticity, the misconception such as often sex with multiple partners & size doesn’t impact you vaginal elasticity these things has a temporary impact on the vagina.

Mistakenly most women believe that after pregnancy or after having often sex the vagina loses its elasticity permanent in nature and to prevent that we pursue bogus & unsafe treatments. Adopting Natural ways are the ays to get Healthy vagina without side-effects which involves:

  • Kegel Exercise
  • V-Tight Gel
  • Good Hygiene

Along with Herbal products doing kegel exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, eventually tighten the vagina through natural ways.