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How many inches can a woman feel?

Relationship & Sex:

They say emotional Intimacy can lead to better sexual pleasure and experience between partners. Sex plays a key role in a healthy relationship that involves the physical, emotional, physiological & trust factors which help to build and boost the relationship and keep it long-lasting, In simple word, every healthy relationship relies on trust, passion & good sex, but it should be done through proper hygiene. Good vaginal health is One-third of your total health so keep on eye on him is an essential factor.

Appearance of Vagina:

According to some women’s health research, the vagina is a spongy and muscular organ of women’s bodies. Your vagina divided into several organs & sub organs, such as:
• Clitoral Hood
• Clitoris
• Vulva Vestibule
• Inner & Outer labia
• Urethral opening
• Vaginal opening

These organs and sub organs strongly supported by pelvic floor muscles, which responsible for control over the bladder and bowel. On the other hand, Weak pelvic floor muscles result as the internal organs are not fully supported and you may have difficulty controlling the release of urine. According to study week, pelvic floor muscles leads to loosening vagina, in simple word strengthen pelvic floor muscles not only support the sub organ of the vagina but also provide a better grip during sex, which increase the sensation & it will lead healthy sexual life.


The misconception of Vagina:

There are several myths present about the vagina which directly or indirectly point the women’s character. The myths like a woman who makes physical engagement more ofter and with multiple males lead to vagina looseness, in fact historically loose vagina is a shame for women. Another most common myth about vagina penis size does matter for loosening & deep of vagina, But the fact is it’s just myth, In simple words doesn’t matter how often women having sex and the size Penetration won’t cause your vagina to stretch out the permanently loose vagina or tighten vagina relies on the libido and relaxations muscles.

According to the gynecologist, the vagina divided into two parts were which surrounded by two sets of skin tissues (Inner tissue & outer tissue) known as the inner labia and outer labia. The outer labia contain a layer of fatty skin tissue. So apart from exchanging pressure, vagina plays a key role in our life, it should be it’s our responsibility to prevent the misinformation about the vagina & vagina functioning.

Facts of Vagina:

As I stated above the several myths or say misconceptions about the vagina, now its time to take deep dive into vaginal facts & understanding. Throughout the years we all experienced that especially men’s are slight shows more interest in the female private body part, especially about the vagina. The most common and old age question ” how many inches can women feel, your vagina is a spongy, muscular and very elastic organ of women’s body. Apart from exchanging sexual engagement, the vagina plays a key role in reproductive, in the simple word during childbirth the baby passes through the birth canal, that proves the vagina is excessively stretchable and has the capability to accommodate all things as per their size, it means vagina is small enough to hold the tampons or other things while doing the sexual activity but similarly, during pregnancy, it can expand enough to pass the baby thought vagina, like a balloon.

The vagina size varies from women to women, according to some medical research, the average size is between 2.75 inches to 7 inches. But your vagina may change its size according to different conditions as if wome is sexually aroused it can be expanded about 200 percent by its the original size, more blood flows towards the vagina. This causes the vagina to elongate and the cervix, or tip of the uterus, to lift up slightly, allowing more of a penis, finger, or sex toy to fit in the vagina.


Does the size of the vagina really matters:

Over the course of time our body & health affected by many ways eventually we experienced the changes in our organs. When ints come to the vagina, childbearing, menopause and aging kind of natural mil stone liable to affect vagina in terms of shape, functioning & self-esteem. These factors may leave a strong mark on women’s entire life circle, here Vagina Rejuvenation takes place and gain more importance.

Although if we talk about sexual functioning it is true that tight vagina can give a better grip during the sexual engagement, which may feel good for your partner and allow you both to experience more sensations during sex, passion, decrease stress level and leads healthy sexual relationship, it doesn’t mean that loosen vagina is bad (its depend on individual flavor).

According to gynecology the most integral part of intimate hygiene is maintaining or balancing the pH level. A normal vaginal pH tends to be slightly acidic bacteria (liquid form) and it should be between 3.5 to 7.5 scale. So we shouldn’t the natural level of vaginal Ph, Below are an effective and easy way of maintaining vaginal health naturally.

• Practice safer intercourse
• A regular check-up with Gynecologist
• Keeping your vagina clean
• Don’t use chemically made products
• Use herbal products
• Treat Infections When They Arise
• keep yourself hydrated
• Go Herbal V-Tight Gel products
• Use breathable inner wares (cotton)
• Stay away with surgeries